Parent and leader responsibilities (please read)

PLEASE NOTE: (these situations are very sparse but the point needs to be made by the leader team)

– When we have an outdoor activity please make sure your scout arrives properly equipped. If we have wide games and scouts arrive without coats, hats etc, we might have to call them off in the future. Most scouts come with relevent clothing, we just need to make sure every one does.

E.g hikes, wide games etc can sometimes get very cold and/or wet and we don’t want to run your scouts health at risk.

– leaders CANNOT be responsible for giving scouts lifts to and from events in their private cars or on their own. This puts the leaders in a very difficult position and will not be done.

Using the mini bus for approved travel during a troop night is fine. We will have at least two different leaders at all time (most of the time lots more) and we are fully insured and every thing is to process.


Thanks for you co-operation.

2 Responses to “Parent and leader responsibilities (please read)”

  1. Kazz September 18, 2014 at 8:25 pm #

    As the parent of a new-ish scout who has a preference for wearing as few clothes as possible, could we have a list of what they generally need please?

    • tarporleyscouts September 18, 2014 at 8:48 pm #

      General rule of thumb (for wide game or out the hut activity):
      Summer – jumper or jacket should be ok
      Spring / Autumn – Water proof jacket and hat if its cold
      Winter – Water water proof coat, hat and gloves.

      Generally clothing needs to match the conditions of the day. It always gets cold at night regardless of what the weather is doing during the day.

      Trousers are advised for all wide games to help save legs from cuts and scrapes.

      The website detail for that week will give any specific instructions for that night.

      For in hut activities normal scout uniform is fine.

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