10th July – International

9 Jul

Normal night at the hut 7-9pm.

A big well done to those who went on camp, everyone did really well.


3rd July – camp prep & water fight

1 Jul

Normal night 7-9pm.

First we are preping all the gear we need for camp and getting that ready for the weekend. Once that is done we will have a water fight out on the feild.

None uniform and if it stays this hot come in shorts and tshirts. Bring a change of clothes and a towl for after water fight.

Scouts are welcome to bring a water gun but they must look after it through the night.

Any final questions about camp please see teh leaders at the end of the night. Those parents who have emailed or asked about camp last week please call in to drop of permision forms.

Scouts – the water fight doesnt start till we have the gear for camp sorted. any fireing of water guns before hand will result of water gun conficated till end of night.

26th may – tents, tents, tents

24 Jun

Normal night at the hut 7-9pm.

Don’t forget if you haven’t got your forms in for camp (been emailed out) please see the leaders at the end of the night.

Can parents of Tiger, Dylan and Jay please see the leaders at the end of the night. We are prepping everything for camp and want to check a few things with you.

Remember to bring your ticket requests in for scout fest. An email from the troop will of been sent out by the time you see this.

19th June – at hut

19 Jun

Normal night at hut 7-9pm

12th June – parachute drop

10 Jun

Different drop off and pick up this week.

Drop off – corkscrew lane 7pm

Pick up – at the hut 9pm.

Drop your scouts off place marked on maps below. This is a lay by just after corkscrew lane finishes. Cork screw lane is the lane that goes off the A51 at the bulls head in Colton. The lay by is just a gravel lay by and near a farmers drive, please don’t block the drive way. Pick up at the hut as usual at 9pm and NOT at drop off point.

It is none uniform but dress for the wether ( we will go if its raining) and wear walking boots.

5th June – athletics badge

3 Jun

Normal night at the hut 7-9pm.

We will be out on the field working on athletics badge. Shorts and shirt under scout shirts is best if a warm day.

Reminder summer camp weekend will be 6-8 july.

29th may – half term

28 May

Half term this week so no scouts this week