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28th Jan – Wide game

27 Jan

Wide game this week NOT AT THE HUT, at Primrose Wood.

Normal time 7-9pm Pick up and drop off at the same place. Park in the lay by shown in the picture. Please use the maps and this following postcode is JUST A GUIDE ,CW6 0JT.

Wide game is none uniform but please dress appropriate to the weather  (we will be going if its raining), scouts can bring a torch too if they wish.

Cheshire hike:

We are taking in requests for the Cheshire hike and need details of the scouts that want to participate. There is a fee (which the troop will cover) and as such we need parents to confirm to the leaders their scout wants to participate. Please speak to a leader before or after troop night to confirm your scouts place. We will only take parent confirmation not just a scout asking in a troop night.


Scout ceilidh:

see the flyer for this scout fundraiser here: Ceilidh Poster 2020 v2



21st Jan – Pioneering skills

20 Jan

Normal night at the hut 7-9pm.

Don’t forget to bring cardboard boxes etc fit our building challenge later in term.

14th Jan – personal challenge and games

13 Jan

Normal night at the hut 7-9pm.

Later in the term we will be doing a building activity with card board box’s etc, so can you start saving these please.

Scouts will start on 14th

5 Jan

New term starts on 14th Jan 2020