4th Dec – Festive cooking

3 Dec

Normal night at hut 7-9pm.

Can the fairies bring their costumes and words with them.

Cheshire hike – 13-14 April 2019

Cheshire hike registration opens soon. Cheshire hike is a two day hike round Cheshire where scouts challenge other scouts from all round the county. The scouts are challenged on map reading, walking and challenges along the way. Scouts will stop over at a group camp site with all the other competitors. Different age groups walk over different distances. Scouts walk in teams of two and carry all their equipment (tent, food, stove etc).

If your scout wants to sign up and participate please call into scouts at the start on Tuesday. We do need patently confirmation that your scout will be able to attend so we do need parents to call in and speak to a leader. If your scout takes part in the hike the troop will cover the costs of registration etc. Cheshire hike is in teams of two similar aged scouts and parents coming with a team will speed things up.

Any questions please call in on Tuesday and speak to a leader.


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