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27th March – Round Tarporley

26 Mar

Normal times this week 7-9pm.

NOT normal drop off! Please drop your scouts off at St Hellens Church on the high street at 7pm at the top of the church drive. Pick up is at the scout hut at normal 9pm.

We will be looking at the “there but not there” installation and then back to the hut for activities.

A reminder that we need permission slips back for spring camp to make sure everything is booked up and organised. Its easter half term so we need the forms in this week to make sure your scout is booked in. This is the most fun part of scouts and we want as many as possible to join us.

download a form here if you need one.

Spring Camp 2018 Consent form.doc

Spring Camp 2018

20th march – wide game little budworth (not at hut)

17 Mar

Wide game away from hut 7-9pm.

Pick up and drop off at the same point. Drop off is the car park but the car park will be closed. Scouts to go into car park off the road and parent watch out for all the other traffic.

None unform and dress for the weather (we will be going if its raining) and where boots as it will be muddy.

Scouts should bring a touch with them.

Drop off point in pictures below.

13 march – silly challenge night

12 Mar

Normal night at the hut 7-9pm.

A massive well done to all the scouts who were in the show on Saturday. They were great and show was brilliant.

6th March – Dress rehesal (8th – Song rehersal)

4 Mar

A normal night at the hut 7-9pm.

Dress rehearsal tonight and our last chance to run through our sketch before “our show” on Saturday. Scouts to bring all costumes and props with them tonight.


8th March Thursday Song rehearsals info at link below. Again the last one before Saturday.