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26th Sept – PL’s night (PL’s incharge :-o )

23 Sep

A normal night at the hut 7-9pm.

This week the PL’s (with the support of APL’s) will run the night! Can the PL’s think about their favourite games to run for the night? We will Also ask the PL’s to do a quick 5 min presentation to the troop over their favourite hobby (sports, crafts, games, community help etc) so can you think about this. You can bring in a prop or anything else to help explain what you do. We will also have a “PL’s council” where the PL’s will discuss with the leaders where we should take our troop (challenges, games, camp etc) and we can make sure we are going in the right direction.


As in the previous post keep bringing in your equipment for the scrap heap challenge that’s coming in future weeks.

19 sept – Science night.

14 Sep

Normal night at the hut 7-9pm.

In a week or two we will have “scrap heap challenge night” where the scouts will be challenged to build something to answer a leader set challenge. The scouts will make this things out of the items they bring in and the more they bring the more they have to try and win the challenges. Items we are thinking about are carboard box’s, shoes box’s, plastic bottles, toilet roll tubes, cotton reels, shampoo botles etc etc. Anything you could do “arts and crafts” with at home. Please bring in a range of these things over the next week or two and we will store it in the hut.

12th Sept – Scouts starts 

3 Sep

We will be starting scouts up again on the 12th of September.

Normal night at the hut 7-9pm.