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Scouts out for summer & Camp details

25 Jul

Scouts is now out for the summer and we will start back up again in Sept. We will start back roughly the time Tarporley high starts back but check back here in Sept to find out.


Summer camp weekend:

All those going to summer camp weekend we have received details and kit list for camp (if you haven’t received an email please email us .

Please check drop off and pick up times (full weekend and just activity).

  • FRI – Arrive at the Scout Hut for 8pm
    • Settle in
    • Route planning for Sandstone Challenge
    • Games
    • Supper (Only small, please eat main meal before arriving)
  • SAT
    • Breakfast
    • Day hike – Sandstone challenge Day 1
    • Scouts will aid in cooking evening meal
    • Games/Challenges
    • Route planning for Day 2 of Sandstone Challenge
    • Supper
    • Bed
  • SUN
    • Breakfast
    • Day Hike- Sandstone Challenge Day 2
    • Rest weary feet!
    • Help prepare and cook evening meal
    • Games/Challenges
  • MON – 8:00am, non campers arrive for Rafting day
    • Travel by minibus to Llangollen for Rafting
    • White water Rafting activity
    • Lunch
    • Explore Llangollen
    • Return to Scout Hut
    • Collected from hut at 5pm

18th July – water fight and games

16 Jul

Normal night at the hut 7-9pm.

Bring a water gun along with you.

None uniform as first hour will be water fight so bring clothes to get wet. The second hour will be games so bring a towel and a FULL change of clothes (trainers as well).

Every one shud of had an email regarding our summer camp weekend (we have room for 15 and first come first serve so get your forms into the leaders asap) and if you have any questions please see a leader at start or end of the night on Tuesday.
This will be our last night of term for the summer. Website will say when term starts in sept (will be close to tarporley high starting back up).

11th July – Escape from the castle

9 Jul

Not at the hut this week!

Drop your scouts off at Beaston Castle at 7pm. The Carpark will be closed but you will see the leaders on the corner where there is a patch of grass. (see map below)

Pick up from the SCOUT HUT at 9pm.

No uniform this week but bring weather appropriate clothing (we will be outside and going if it’s raining!). All scouts should be wearing boots and a torch is optional.

4th July – Idependance day

3 Jul

Normal night at the hut 7-9pm.

If not in Fancy dress normal uniform.

As it is American independence day there will be a prize for the best American Themed fancy dress (American theme, Cowboys and Indians, American sports, indepandance day the film etc) think about any American connection you can think of.