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27th June – athletics night

25 Jun

Normal night at the hut 7-9pm.

Come in uniform but make sure you have a t-shirt under your scout shirt and shorts/joggers on as there will be lots of running around.

20th June – Canoe and cooking swap

18 Jun

Switch round this week.

If you were at the hut last week you are canoeing in Winsford this week.

If you were canoeing last week you are at the hut this week.

Please read last week’s post for times, location, clothes/uniform etc.

13th June – Canoeing or cooking

11 Jun

Half the troop at the hut and half of the troop in Winsford, please read carefully!

Over the next 2 weeks, we will be doing canoeing in Winsford but can on do half the troop at one time so we will split the troop in half and next week the activities will swap.

For those Canoeing this week (see list below) please drop your scouts off at “Winsford marina” (maps below) for 7pm and pick up at 9pm from the same place. If you are canoeing you will need to arrive in clothes to get wet (none uniform for Canoeists):

  • swimming gear under old shorts and an old t-shirt.
  • Old waterproof coat (helps keep the wind chill off)
  • Old trainers ( these are vital and will stop scouts getting cuts on their feet (Crocks don’t work))
  • If you have a wetsuit you can use this but it is not vital (clothes above will be fine).
  • In a bag, a towel and a dry set of clothes.

If you are on the cooking list it is a normal night at the hut 7-9pm in uniform.

Canoeing list:

  • Tiger
  • Rebecca M
  • Cathrine M
  • Jay O
  • Callum P
  • Robert R
  • Will R
  • Ben R
  • Fin R
  • James W
  • Isac D
  •  Ned
  • Fyn W

Cooking list:

  • Dylan A
  • Alister B
  • Rorey D
  • Charley E
  • lucian F
  • Jack G
  • Jack H
  • Jess H
  • Tom K
  • James L
  • Christain L
  • Ben M
  • Joe M (Added on)



Fri 9th June – scoutfest

7 Jun

Scoutfest is happening this Friday at the Hut,  5.30-8.30.  Tickets are £4 for kids and £6 for adults this includes a hot dog/burger. There will be activities on the field,  music by the rock band The Warning Flower, a local band whose lead singer is also our Beaver leader.  There will also be a bar and tuck shop and other games

Come along and enjoy a relaxed evening with friends

6th June – marble run

5 Jun

Normal night at hut 7-9pm.