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28th – Map our village

27 Mar

Normal night at the hut 7-9pm but we will be out around Tarporley so bring a  coat appropriate to the weather.


1st Tarporley Scout Group  SUBSCRIPTIONS – 2017/2018

Subs for the coming year are £10 per month, £120 per annum.

Dear Parents / Carers

As you  are probably aware the NatWest bank in Tarporley is closing in June, this will make it very difficult to bank subs so we will be moving to a standing order system for collecting subs instead of the current system by cheque or cash per term. This will also reduce the admin work for the pack leaders thus giving them more time to focus on the pack and its how most other groups operate.

This is to come into effect from the start of the summer term so can we ask you to set up a standing order with your bank to transfer the subs on the 15th of each month(starting the 15th April 2017), using the reference as stated below. Subs will be taken each month including the summer holidays, this will spread the cost evenly across the year. We have kept the cost broadly in line with the current subs, some packs do a couple more weeks than others so we have taken the average to keep things simple. We have maintained the cost of subs despite rising costs, this can only be done through the additional fundraising activities which the group organise through the year.

I have put a reply slip at the bottom of this page to return to your leader so we know it’s complete.

Many thanks for your support in this change.

1st Tarporley Scouts Exec



Pay by 12 monthly instalments of £10.00 per month for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. Standing Orders are easy to set up and give you complete control over the payment – just complete the attached form and send it into your bank. You can change or cancel the payment at any time.

Paying by Standing Order really helps us reduce our admin, and allows us to even out our income over the year. Please ensure you complete the Reference box with the word “SUBS” and your child’s name eg “SUBS Adam Smith ”.

Form attached to this post.

Subscriptions – SOv2Plant Order form v1.0 2017

Spring camp times

22 Mar

For those going to spring camp please meet at the following drop-off and pick-up times.


Get to Hut at 6:45pm on fri 24th and pick up 4pm on Sun 26th.

21 march – Digital maker

20 Mar

normal night at the hut 7-9pm.

14th march – health and fitness

11 Mar

Normal night at the hut 7-9pm

7th March – Scout skills

5 Mar

Normal night at the hut 7-9pm.


We have sent a questionnaire out around summer camp and we really need replies in. Please can you make sure you check your emails and get back to us. Thanks.