21st June – Climbing or cooking

19 Jun

We will split the troop up this week (and next) so please, READ VERY CAREFULLY!!

2/3rd’s of the troop will be climbing at the Board Room climbing centre and the other 1/3 will be cooking at the hut (next week swap round). This mean diffrent scouts will be going to diffrent places and at diffrent times!!!

The following scouts (listed below) will be climbing at the Board Room at 8.00pm till 9.45pm (sorry for the late time but that is all the centre can offer). Please drop off and pick up from the Board Room and NOT THE SCOUT HUT. Scouts only need to wear their necker and suitable clothing (tshirt, shorts/jogger/leggins and trainers) to climb. The troop will cover the cost of climbing so no money is needed.

Direction – http://www.theboardroomclimbing.com/findus

Scouts to Climb – Jacob Walton-walker, James Wrather, Finn Robinson, Ben Robinson, Ben Mathews, Christian Lewin, James Lacey, Leo Carr, Tiger DeKock, Jess Diskin, Rory Dorset, Rebecca More, Oscar Heald, Theo Loots-walker, Sam Morley and Callum Prigg.

If your name is not on the list above you are cooking at the hut this week, Normal time and uniform 7-9.

We have tried to keep brothers and brother/sister together for transport reasons.

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