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31 may – no scouts

30 May

No scouts this week as it’s half term

24th may – Wide game

21 May

Wide game in Kelsall NOT AT THE HUT!!!! 7-9pm.

Wide game at the top of Kelsall (see maps below) so no uniform. We will be going out, whatever the weather is doing, so bring appropriate clothes and jackets (dress warm if its cold, Water proofs if its raining) and we strongly advise boots over trainers.

There is a car park in the area circled on the map but the gates will probably be locked so please be aware with cars and scouts milling around.

Drop off and pick up from the same spot.

17th May – Photo Challenge

16 May

Normal Night at the hut 7-9pm.

For this night can we ask all scouts bring their Phone along with them. We are going to go on a photo scavenge hunt around the Village and will use camera phones for the scoots. We need one per patrol so don’t worry if you don’t have one.

We will be out round the village so bring appropriate coat/jacket.

Subs is £39 for 19th April to summer.

10 may – athletics

8 May

Normal might 7-9pm.
We will try again for athletics and this time hopefully weather is on our side.
Please come in clothes good to run round on the field with.

3rd of may – Pionoeering

2 May

Normal night at the hut 7-9pm.

Reminder about getting your orders back to the leader team for Plant sales and Scoutfest (you have had letters or emails, but if not please speak to a leader on Tue.)