23rd June – Bowling

20 Jun

Bowling this week NOT AT HUT.

Please drop your scouts off at the Colosseum Bowling in Cheshire oaks. We are bowling 7-9pm so please get to the venue a bit before 7.

Scouts are to wear uniform but wear a Tshirt underneath as they will be allowed to take uniform off to bowl. We do need them to turn up in uniform so we can keep track.

The troop is paying for the bowling so no money is needed but if WE HAVE TIME AT THE END scouts may play on the arcades if they have some change.

Pick up at 9 o’clock from the bowling reception BUT PLEASE TELL A LEADER WHEN YOU ARE TAKING YOUR SCOUT Home.

If any parents are struggling for lift please comment on this post and we can see if any one can help.

3 Responses to “23rd June – Bowling”

  1. Kazz at 8:12 am #

    Good morning.
    Dyl will miss the bowling as he is is away on a school trip until Wednesday.

  2. j dorsett at 6:53 am #

    Hi Lucas and Rory won’t be able to make it tonight sorry.

  3. Dawn Sealey at 1:52 pm #

    I am struggling to arrange a lift home to Cotebrook, for Owen and Mason, because my youngest will be in bed and I’m a single parent.
    Could anyone help please?

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