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Tue 28th april – sedan chair racing

26 Apr

Back normal this week.
7-9pm at the hut.

Those who aren’t enrolled yet can you bring your green shirt and we will sort this.

The term programme will be posted this week.

THURSDAY 23rd St George day parade – Different times too

17 Apr

This week scouts will be on THURSDAY NOT tuesday.

Thursday is St Georges day parade and we will take part.

There will be no scouts on Tuesday this week and just Thursday. Please see info from Brum (GSL) below. If you can not make this Thursday please comment or email us.

We will be back to normal next week.

Dear Parents,


Beavers / Cubs / Scouts / Explorers should turn up at the Scout Hut at 5.50p.m. dressed in smart, full uniform. They should wear school shoes,black/grey school trousers. A small sum of money for the collection is appreciated.

Attendance by all is regarded as obligatory but if your son or daughter is unable to take part, for good reason, then please let the relevant section leader know. Parents and relatives are more than welcome to attend too.

The church service will take place from 6.15 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. and the parade
will be completed by 7.15 p.m. Could parents please collect their sons /daughters from the Scout Hut at 7.15 p.m.?


Tel. 01829 733439

Cheshire hike “training” – edited date correction

7 Apr

We have set up a Cheshire hike training day for Sayerday 11th 10-4 at the hut.

Not 12th the as originally stated.

This time we will use to polish map skills and make sure all scouts are up to speeds with tents and stoves etc.

I will contact those going on the hike on Wednesday.


Easter Hols and Cheshire Hike

3 Apr

No scouts now till 21 april due to easter hols.

We have managed to get three teams into Cheshire hike and i will contact the relevant parents over easter weekend to explain the plan. Teams currently:

Junior – Alister and Dylan

Intermediate – Tom and Matt, Jazz and Holly, Lucas and Toby

Hike is on weekend of 18-19 april