20th May – Wide game / outdoor cooking

17 May

We will NOT be at the hut this week. Will will be at Peckforton hill (you have to drive about 100 yards up dirt road) 7-9pm. Please drop your scout off at the location shown on the map and pick up at same location.

Scouts should NOT wear uniform (they will probably be getting muddy) and Need to bring a small back pack, waterproof coat and a torch.

Reminder about £33 for subs and the Canoeing offer (see bottom of post.)

this_go          map4



We have had the offer from Brum (Our GSL Group Scout Leader) to take the scouts Canooing over the next few weeks. This offer is on a few WEDNESDAYsand will be ran by Brum not the usual Leader team. The offer runs from 21st until further notice. Please see and follow the instructions below. Brum needs to know if your scout wants to attend before the Wednesday.

Dear Parents,

I am in the latter stages of renewing my canoeing training credentials and can offer the opportunity of canoeing experience for a small number of scouts. The canoeing is carried out on the River Dee near the overhead suspension bridge in Chester. We use the Boys’ Club for changing facilities and canoe equipment so scouts only need to bring the following with them:

Waterproof top & trousers

Old sweatshirt or similar

(If you have a wet-suit then the above items are not necessary)

Swimming trunks / costume


Spare clothing

Old trainers or pumps

Flask of hot drink & a snack, e.g. choc. bar

Uniform need not be worn.

Any cuts or broken skin should be well sealed with waterproof plaster or similar before canoeing. After canoeing it is highly advisable that scouts take a bath or shower in the interests of hygiene and safety.

I am not sure of the cost as it will be applied by Chester District but I expect it will be less than £2.00. Please bring £2.00 on the first night and we’ll see what happens after that.

Scouts should meet me at the Scout Hut at 5.30 p.m. and I would expect to drop them off there at 8.45 p.m.

Please ring me if your son /daughter is interested in going and I will book them a place.


Group Scout Leader

01829 733439


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