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25th Feb – Spaghetti towers

24 Feb

Normal night at the hut 7-9pm.

Dont forget your scripts.



We have Song rehearsal on THURSDAY 27th. It is important to attend as we only get two chances to rehears with a piano ready for the show.

It is 6-7pm at the HIGH SCHOOL (not scout hut) in the music rooms. If you do not know the school please look for a leader to direct you outside the main entrance of the school. If you can not make it please let the leaders know via email or comment on this post.

18th Feb – no scouts half term

17 Feb

No scouts this week.

A reminder that next week we have an extra session on Thursday (27th) at the high school for song rehearsals with piano for “our show”.
Its vital that all scouts make this as we only get two chances to rehears all The songs with piano twice before the show.

Times and info will up on the site for next week.

Feb 11th – Map & compass and rehearsals

7 Feb

Normal night at the hut 7-9pm. We will be going out round Tarporley regardless of the weather so please make sure your scout has warm clothing and a waterproof jacket!!!

Can all scouts please bring their scripts again.

Reminder for anyone who still owes subs.

4th Feb – Scout skills and rehearsals

1 Feb

Normal Night at the hut 7-9pm.

Each scout has been given their script for the show can you please make sure they bring them with them each Tuesday (each Tuesday we are in the hut).

Those who havn’t paid their subs can they bring the along on Tuesday please.

A thank you from the leader team for those that brought spring camp letters in last week. The quickness you got these forms back to us makes planning the event so much easier and clearer. We will do the sum’s over teh next week or so and release some more info about camp.

If you have any questions about camp (parents or scouts) please see the leaders at the start or end on scouts.