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2nd – Tents tents tents

27 Jun

Normal night at the hut 7pm-9pm uniform needed.


PLEASE bring any late Summer camp letters and deposits in. If you haven’t had a letter about summer camp please call in the hut at the start of the night and collect one.


Can parents of names below please call in at the start of the night please. We need to get contact details for these scouts.

Jake Bail-Saltmarsh

Ben/Rosie Jowet

James Adamson

James Stitt

25th June – Bike ride Delamere Forest NOT AT HUT

20 Jun


We are not at the hut this week. Pleases drop off your scout at the train station car park in Delemeare Forest for 7pm and pick up at 9pm from the Same spot. Please see map below (where the pin is).

  • A bike is needed
  • A helmet is compulsory ( no helmet no ride)
  • Uniform is not needed

Please be aware it gets very busy down there.


Please bring any more Summer camp money and permission slip. We need to know numbers and need deposits its starting to make organisation very hard with out definitive numbers and deposits.


delamere forrest



Tue 18th – Athletics Badge

16 Jun

Normal night at the hut this week 7-9pm.


Please bring Summer camp permission slips and deposit this week. We need numbers and deposits to finalise final aspects to summer camp.

Tue 11th – Bivouacking (not at hut)

8 Jun


Not at the hut this week. Please drop your scout off at Primrose Wood for 7pm and pick them up from the same spot at 9pm. Uniform is not needed. Please see maps below fro drop off/pick up place.


We still awaiting answers from allot of scouts (via email or comments on this site) on if they want to go on summer Camp 27th July to 3rd August. Planning the camp is made much harder when we don’t know how many scouts we have going. Please let us know YES or NO.

We have said in the past post we need a yes or know from every scout (with parental back up) by the 11th!

Thank you very much to the ones who have got in contact.

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4th June – Fire lanterns and Balloon Race (change to program)

3 Jun

Normal night at the hut this week.


Thank you to those scouts and parents that supported us on Spring Camp part 2. It was a successful weekend and I hope every one had fun. We will organise refunds as soon as our Tuesday night treasurer gets back from holiday.

We need to start organising Summer Camp now and we will need to know definite numbers very quickly. The number of scouts going will affect how we camp and the price per scout. We will be also asking for a none refundable deposit (except for exceptional circumstances) of £50 to cover deposits etc.


We Need to know definite numbers for camp by 11th June and payment by 16th July.

Please comment on this post or email if your scout would like to attend. Dates are July 27th to 3rd August.

More info will be released very soon.