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26th – swimming at northgate

25 Mar


We are swimming this week and won’t be at the hut. Can you drop your scout off at north gate arena in Chester for 7pm(10 mins before would be help full).
We will leave the water at 8.30, so will be out about 8.45.

Alex will be waiting in north gate reception till all the scout have been collected.

Uniform is needed along with towel etc and what ever your scout needs for swimming.

Subs covers the cost of this activity.



22 Mar


Bad news i’m afraid for those who wanted to go on camp.

After some investigation into the weather and talking with the scout centre we planned on staying at it looks like the weather is against us. The main aim and activities of camp is be be out side in the mountains (hiking and playing games) but with these condition this is just going to be dangerous.

Up to 30/40 MPH winds, temp around 1 degrease and snowing is the reports we have and this is just to dangerous to take the scouts up.

I will call all the parent of the scouts planning on going individually.

I will also check with the GSL (Group Scout Leader) regarding the money paid for the scouts and get back to the respective parents as soon as I can.

Thanks Alex

Spring camp reminder

21 Mar

A quick reminder for every one going to spring camp.

Please get to the hut for 6 so we can sort every thing out for 6.30 depart.

Looking at the weather we may see snow and it will deffinetly be cold!
MAKE sure your scout has suitable warm clothing. Thick socks, warm coat, hats and gloves and boots are mandatory.

See you on Friday.

19th March – Raw head outdoor cooking & widegame

14 Mar

Hello ,


Please drop your scout off at the location marked on the maps below. We are starting and finishing from the “old water works” in Peckforton. There is a small road that goes off to the right (from Tarporley side) or left if your coming from bickerton poacher  pub side. 100 yards up that track is where the leaders will be parked. please drop your scout off there at 7 and pick them up from the same spot at 9pm.

Its a small track, so watch out it gets hectic down there.

We are going to some navigating, out door cooking and wide games (depending on the time).


We will be going what ever the weather so MAKE SURE YOUR SCOUT HAS WATER PROOF, WARM CLOTHES (hats and gloves) and STURDY BOOTS.

This is a non uniform night. Torch will be useful for the scouts.


this_go map4 map1

12th march – old camp videos

11 Mar

Normal night at the hut this week 7-9.

Please remember any outstanding spring camp forms or money. If you need a form please see a leader on Tue night.