26th Jan – Zoom Crystal maze

23 Jan

Zoom night this week 7-8ish. Connection details sent to parents email.

Scouts will need pen and paper along with them.

Next week you will need bread sticks and strawberry laces (email to parents explains).

Don’t forget your step count for the past week.

19th Jan – Zoom meeting

16 Jan

Zoom night and details sent to parents emails. 7-8ishpm

There will be a 15 min extra section at the end for the older scouts (details in parents email).

If possible bring a tablet/phone along for the kahoots.

Don’t forget your step count for last week and how far your paper airplane went.

12th Jan – 1st Scouts of 2021

5 Jan

Scout will start back up again on 12th via zoom.

Zoom will be 7-8ish pm on 12.1.21 for all scouts.

PLease bring some paper with you and a phone/tablet (if possible) for the games/quiz’s.

Zoom connection details will be emailed to parents later this week.

With the new lockdown we foresee scouts to be via zoom for the next few weeks at least.

15th Dec – Crimbo zoom

13 Dec

Zoom connection details sent to parents.

Zoom will be 7-8/8:30 for all scouts.

This is the last scouts for the year, so it’s Christmas fancy dress (crimbo jumper, santa hats etc).

We don’t know the start date and details for Jan yet (we are keeping an eye out for any Government rule changes) so check back here in Jan.

Happy Christmas to all the scouts and their families.

8th Dec – Zoom meeting

6 Dec

Zoom meeting still this week 7-8ish.

Monopoly challenge.

Parents have been emailed the connection details.

We will continue to zoom up to Christmas and then re-plan in January.

1st Dec – Zoom Scouts

29 Nov

Zoom night this week as still lock down. NOT AT HUT.

zoom 7-8/8:30 for all scouts.

Connection details have been emailed to parents.

24th Nov – Zoom cooking

21 Nov

Zoom night this week as still lock down. NOT AT HUT.

zoom 7-8/8:30 for all scouts.

This week we are going to try Zoom cooking and parents have been emailed connection details and what ingredients needed.

17th Nov – Zoom night

15 Nov

Zoom night again this week 7-8/8:30ish. DON’T GO TO THE HUT.

Zoom link will be sent to parents and Zoom is for all scouts.

This week scouts will need pen and couple sheets of paper for challenges.

10th Nov – Zoom meeting

7 Nov

This is again a zoom meeting (due to lockdown) and NOT AT THE HUT.

Parents will have been emailed connection details for the meeting so please pass these on to your scout.

The zoom will be 7pm-8/8:30pm.

The zoom is for all scouts (so group A & B).

3rd Nov – Zoom meeting -NOT AT HUT

1 Nov

Due to the lock down restriction we will unfortunately have to go back to zoom meeting for a few weeks.


Zoom will be 3rd Nov 7pm-8pm.

The zoom meeting will be for EVERYBODY so group A & B.

Connection details will be emailed through to parents.