16th Jan – Split troop MUST READ

14 Jan

This week (and next) the troop will be split in two. Half will be climbing away from the hut and half will be cooking at the hut. The times and places differ so please read carefully.

We have also added a “page” at the top (menu button if you are on your phone or here https://tarporleyscouts.wordpress.com/our-show-2018-info/ ) for the information about the gang show and rehearsal times which are not on a Tue ( Please read).

Climbing away from the hut:

Climbing will be at the Boardroom climbing centre. For directions please follow their website ( http://www.theboardroomclimbing.com/ ).

Climbing will be 19:45 till 21:30.

Climbing works out to be £13 a scout so we are asking for the scouts to bring £5 along with them and the troop will cover the rest of the cost. Some have paid already but if not please bring it with you on the night and hand in to a leader.

Scouts climbing will turn up in uniform but have a t-shirt underneath as they won’t be climbing in uniform. Also wear shorts, legging or tracksuit bottoms (or something similar) and trainers. Scout should bring a bag to put their things in and also a drink and snack if they want.

Scouts climbing :

Jay Oliver

Dylan Atkinson

Charlie Ellor

Rory Dorset

William line

Thomas Kay

Ben Robinson

Fin Robinson

Lucian Fitton

Ned Rayner

James Wrather

Isaac Deakin

James Lacey

Ben Mathews

Christain Lewin

Will Rimmer

Leaders Alex, Dips & Ewa


This will be in the hut at normal times 7-9pm and normal uniform.

These scouts are:

Rebecca Moore

Kathrine Moore

Tiger DeKock

Jess Hirst

Robert Thomas

Jack Goodwin

Will Hall

Joe Morley

Fyn Williamson

Henry McElroy

Bailey Smith

Abby Langley

Rosanne Joyce

Emre Uzum

Leaders Andy, Adam & Kieran


Next week we will swap round.



9th Jan – First one back for 2018

1 Jan

Happy new year, we start back on the 9th of Jan.

Normal night at the hut 7-9pm.

12th dec – update

12 Dec

Scouts tonight will be on (details in lower post), for those that wish to travel, however don’t feel obliged we understand if any parent feels the correct thing to do is miss this evening due to localised conditions. (The evening is being run by local leaders, we too are limiting our travelling)

For those that do attend please note the scout hut car park has not been treated and is very icy and slippery consider dropping off at the top of the drive or take EXTREME CAUTION. As we arrive if we consider the car park to be too dangerous we will leave one gate shut.

We have climbing nights scheduled for 16th and 23rd Jan, this costs approximately £13 per person and ask for a donation of £5 per scout deposit (the group will cover the rest) either tonight or 9th Jan. We would appreciate an indication if your son/daughter is not available on any of these nights so we can assign them to the other evening. Details to be provided later

Finally we hope you all enjoy the festive period and will see you all in the new year

Leader Team

12th dec – Casino night

10 Dec

Normal time at the hut 7-9pm.

None uniform – Dress smart for the Tarporely Casino. 🙂

At the moment scouts in on but due to the weather please check back before you leave on Tuesday. If the weather is really bad we don’t want unnecessary driving. If there is no extra post by Tuesday 6pm scouts is STILL on.

This will be the last scouts of the year so check back on the website in January to see when we start back.

Happy Christmas from the leaders.

5th dec – board game night

3 Dec

Normal night at the hut 7-9pm.

We ask the scouts to bring their favourite board/table game along with them tonight. Could be their favourite board game, Domino’s , card game etc. Please clearly label your game so there is no mix ups.

28th Nov – Trading post

27 Nov

Normal night at the hut 7-9pm.

21st Nov – Swimming night at Northgate Arena

19 Nov

Not at the hut and slightly different time this week.

Please drop off and pick up from Northgate Arena reception area.

This weeks time will be slightly different and will be 6.45-8.45pm (have to work around the pool times slightly).

Scouts should turn up with their necker on and need full kit to go swimming and towel etc.

The troop will cover the admission fee.