14th Sept – Challenge night

11 Sep

Normal night at the hut 7-8:30 pm.

To those trying to get their scout a shirt we understand this make take some time for them to turn up etc. There are some links on last weeks post if you are looking.

7th Sept – Scouts is back

4 Sep

Scouts is back from the 7th of september.

We will be at the hut 7pm-8.30pm.

We are now finally allowed back inside the hut with the covid rule changes. Masks are not mandated or needed but if your scouts wants to wear one that is fine.

First night back will be games and discussions with the scouts what they want to cover over next few weeks.

The scout car park will now be “back to normal” and allow cars back in again.

We will also go back to uniform (scout shirt and Tarporley necker).

If you need a scouts shirt please try these links (we will supply the necker if you don’t have one.)


If your scout is a new start, Tshirt and track suite bottoms are fine

Scouts Summer Holidays

19 Jul

Scouts is now off for summer holidays.

We will start back up around the time Tarporely High school starts back up. We will update this site in Sept so please check back here in Sept.

Well done to those older scouts that have now finished. You guys did a brilliant job to get through this year with all the Covid chaos. We hope you carry on with explorers and I’m sure we will bump into you over next couple of years.

13th July – Last scouts for summer, Water fight

10 Jul

At the hut this week 19:00-20:30.

We will be doing a water fight (fingers crossed for the sun) this week. Scouts can bring along a water pistol etc if they want (their responsibility to look after it).

Scouts NEED to bring:

  • Towl
  • Complete change of clothes (including underwear,socks, shoes)
  • Warm coat/jumper for after
  • plastic bag etc to put wet clothes in.

PLease bring this in a bag so they scouts can get to it all easily.

It is important to bring the towel and change of clothes because they can get cold in the water fight. If they don’t have a change of clothes they will be getting into parents cars soaking.

This will be the last scouts for the summer. Well done to all the scouts for getting through this very “upside down” year in scouts. We will start back up in Sept and keep checking this website periodically.

We would of planned in a summer camp weekend around the end of July normally but Covid has got in the way this year.

6th July – Scout olympics

4 Jul

At the hut this week 19:00-20:30.

We will be running round out side for most the night so dress for the weather.

If you are still to be enrolled but missed last week please bring your necker along with you.

29th June – awards and enrollments

27 Jun

At the hut 19:00-20:30.

We are going to award the badges the scouts worked on over lockdowns.

We will also enroll our newer scouts.

If you have a uniform bring it along and all scouts to bring thier neckers along.

As usual bring coats etc for the weather.

22nd June – Escape from the castle (NOT starting at the hut)

18 Jun

Different drop off, pick up and times this week so please read carefully.

Drop off – At Beaston Castle, NOT THE HUT.

The car park will probably be closed so be careful on drop off. The leaders will be at the castle main gate.

Pick up – AT THE HUT. we are walking back so pick up is at the hut.

Times – Drop off at 19:00 at castle and pick up at 21:00 at hut.

This is slightly longer than we have been doing to make sure we cover the walk.

We will be going whatever the weather, so dress for it.

15th June – Orienteering

13 Jun

At the hut this week 19:00-20:30.

We will be outside all night so dress for the weather.

back to the hut rules are still being observed:


1st & 8th june – Half Term NO Scouts

28 May

There is NO SCOUTS on 1.6.21 and 8.6.21.

1.6.21 is half term so no scouts.

8.6.21 due to leader commitments we can’t make the 8th so we will extend half term by a week.

We will be back at the hut on 15.6.21.

25th May – Outdoor cooking

21 May

Back at the hut this week 19:00-20:30.

We will be outside so dress for the weather.

Reminder that the “back to the hut” rules/info can be found at the following page.https://tarporleyscouts.wordpress.com/back-to-the-hut-info-rules-april-may/

Heads up this is the last Scouts before half term (Due to leader commitment half term break will be 2 week but more details will follow)